Prophetism was Jewish tradition which was created by Moses.  He declared all previous religious personalities as prophet.

The chief of all prophets was Moses whether any prophet was came earlier or latter.

Jew discontinued Prophet-tradition. However, Arab Prophet and Ahmadi Prophet came latter.

The truth is- Jewish Patriarch Abram was not Jew. He was Persian. So his sons Issac and Ishmael were also Persians.

Moses wrote Taurah and started Jewish tradition.

All Jewish Prophets believes in YHWE, the G-d of Jew and Jerusalem. All of them believes in the book of Moses i.e. Taurah and they are spreading Jewish ideology i.e. war against idols, God/Goddesses of non-Jewish communities.



2 thoughts on “Prophetism

  1. God sent Prophets to many nations including Jews, Muslims and Ahmedi as well. Prophet-ism is attribute of God not the Tradition of Jews and God never ever change his way of dealing people.So how Prophet-ism is discontinuous??
    From The Creation of University Till the End God Can Send Prophet to any Nation.

  2. Dear Streamship,
    All religions are man-made.
    God is creation of Man.
    Also, you can declare yourself prophet.
    Prophet decided God’s word. .
    Moses decided what YHWE had said.
    Mohammad decided what Allah had said.
    Prophet put word on God’s mouth.
    Taurah/Bible/Quran written by man, not by God.

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