Gods and their religions

Gods of Judaism

Earlier Jews i.e. Hebrew speaking people were polytheist.

They believe in many Gods and praying idols. Even they were praying Ox/bull.

After becoming monotheist, they adopted only one God i.e. Yahowa.

Gods of Christianity

Christianity is Greek version of Judaism.

They also have faith on Yahowa, but they believe in trinity i.e. God- Yahowa, His Son-Jesus and holy Ghost. This holy ghost is unknown. They also pray Jesus’s mother Marry as Goddess.

In churches, they have many idols and statue of Greek Saints, some of them are ancient Gods of Greek.(ref:- http://www.bandoli.no )

As like Jew, Christian also hate Gods of non-Christian, but they prays God of Jew, His son, Holy Ghost, Goddess Mary and several saints/Greek Gods.

Gods of Islam

Islam is Arabic version of Judaism.

Before Islam, Arab were polytheist and idol-worshipers. They used to pray many Gods and their idols.

Al-lah had 15 feet Idol at the Kaaba. He has three daughters-Goddesses Al-Ujja, Al-Manat and Al-Lat. Their temples were in vicinity of Mecca.

Allah was God of Quraish Tribe.He was friendly with all Gods of Arab. He was not against idols. He never sent any prophet to mankind. Prophetism was not tradition of Arabia, it is jewish tradition.

Yahowa, the God of Jew, the God of Jerusalem who planned to spread his monotheism in Arabia.

As per one of Hadis, Yahowa called Mohammad to Jerusalem and appointed him Prophet of Arab, given him Quran. Ordered him to destroy polytheism of Arab and their idols.

Prophet Mohammad destroyed all Gods and idols of Arab. and established Hebrew religion in Arabic form. But they have some quarrel with Jews. They parted away from Jew.

To look different from Judaism, Arabi Khalifa rename Yahowa as Al-lah.  They turned their qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca. They named this arabic judaism as Islam.

Today, they are praying Al-lah but following order of Yahowa. Some Islamic said Al-lah and Yahowa are same. But this is not true. Al-lah is pagan God and Yahowa is Jewish God. Both were different. This way Muslims believe in two Gods.

Further, they also believe in Black stone placed at Kaaba, they cannot destroy this stone.

Also, the three goddesses of Arab (Al-ujja, Al-manat and Al-lat) were labeled as Satan by khaiifa, they build three pillar of Satan and started ritual of pelting stone at them.They also believe and pray at thousands of grave/shrine/dargah. This is nothing but polytheism.

Gods of Hinduism

Hinduism is not Judaic faith.

Hinduism is not faith-based organisation, it is not religion by definition. However, we can say it is non-organised religion.They says Dharm.

Since it is third largest faith of world, it is necessary to give information about the faith.

Philosophically Hindu believes in One Supreme God-Ishwar. But they are praying many Gods. They says God have so many forms.

Some of them are monotheist, but their monotheism is not like Judaic.

Their temples have many idols, they pray there. they find unity in all Gods. However, many sagas/sanyasi believes in formless God and they pray at lonely places or on mountain/cave. They sit in dhyana (meditation)

They have several ways toward the Supreme God-Ishwar such as Monotheism, Monism, Polytheist, idol-ism. Some of them also believe in Atheism. They don’t have non-Hindu issues. Their God/Gods never order them to kill non-Hindu.

Their Book Veda says- God is one, but there are several ways to pray him. They are not adamant on one-way. They believe that this concept of faith spread pluralism, co-existence, multiculturalism in society.

They prays the Supreme God-Ishwar and His many forms/idols. While praying many different ways, they believes that the God of mankind is one and same.


2 thoughts on “Gods and their religions

  1. what the word yahowa is doing there in judaism ,christanit and islam….. they have there own books which they follow…….. ie taura judaism,,bible christain and quraan islam….so its my challenge to the blogger gv me any reference where this word is used…and if u cant find that name…… then search for ILOH or ALOH or ALLAH … Even the Musa A.S used that term Iloh (ilohim in respect) in taura . Jesus crist refer iloh(ilohim in respect) as god’s name…moses and jesus were speaking hebrew language where muhammad SAW speaks arabic which is similar to hebrew…..(but for ur information its just a cult among christains who are using the term yahowa and that cult name himself as yahowa’s witness) …….SO ITS MY CHALLENGE TO U….GIVE ME THE REFERENCE OF WORD YAHOWA…..TAKE CARE ALLAH HAFIZ

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