Truth about Islam

  1. Abram the patriarch of Jew, had two sons-Issac and Ishmael.
  2. Issac was son from Abram’s wife-Sarai and Ishmael was Abram’s son from his bondwomen-Hagar.
  3. Since Issac was legitimate son of Abram, He gave his covenant to Issac.
  4. Due to this, Ishmael and his followers became frustrated and angered. As soon, the battle were started between them over Abram’s covenant.
  5. This situation lead to create two traditions of Jews i.e. Issaci-Jew and Ishamaeli-Jew. Issaci-Jews were descendent of Isaac. Ishamaeli-Jews were descendent of Ishamael.
  6. The Jew’s G-d “Yahowa” also selected Mozes the descendent of Issac as the Prophet of Jew and gave book “Torah” to Mozes. This way, God accepted Issaci-Jew.
  7. The disowned Islamaelite-Jew became hostile, they shifted to Arabia and settled down nearby Macca & Yatrib (Madina). They brought the Jew-book “Torah” in Arabia and translated it in Arabi language. (chapter 46:12)
  8. Ishmael’s twelve sons were named Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah. (Gen. 12:11-16). They intermarried with the local population in North Arabia and produced several nomadic tribes know as the “Ishmaelites.”  and they mixed with other Arab Tribes.
  9. There were more than 260 tribe of Arab. Arab were not descendant of Ishmael, they were not Jew.
  10. Ishmaeli-Jew accepted Arabic languages and translated their religion (i.e. Judaism) in the Arabic form.
  11. In Arabic, Ishmaelities became Islam, Jewish word Mushlam became Muslim, Abram/Abraham became Ibrahim, Ishmael became ismail and so on.
  12. Arab’s old religion was different; they hadn’t ideology of persecuting/killing/hating non-believers. This ideology brought by Torah and carry forward by New Testament and Quran.
  13. Because of this ideology, they destroyed old faith/ religion of Arab and wherever they spread.
  14. Earlier Arab had no faith on Jerusalem, they didn’t had any affection about Jerusalem. They had their own faith and religion; also they were idol-worshipers. Kaaba was their faith-center, cultural center and financial center.
  15. During that period, Ishmaeli-Jew slowly mix with Arab society, became Arabic. Some of Arab converted and became Ishmaelite-Jew. This happened very slowly and it took so many years i.e. period of  shifting of Ishmaelities from Israel  to Arabia upto the first khaliph.
  16. The Ismaelites was Jew, they believed in only one God ‘YHWE’ (Yahwe/Yehewa/ Yahowa). Their Qibla was Jerusalem. They used to pray three times a day and five times during Yom-kippur and do fasting. They do circumcision, fasting, prohibit pork, sacrifice animal. They were following all Jewish tradition like Issaci-Jew.
  17. This Jewish tradition was foreign for Arab Tribes. To spread in Arabia, Ishmaeli-Jew adopted Arab names and languages. They translated God’s Hebrew name Yahowa to Rahman. But this name was also Jew Name and it was foreign to Arab, they confused which Arab name should be fixed for God. .
  18. At that time, Quraish tribe was dominated in Arabia. Al-Lah was a one of god of Quraish tribe. Al-Lah was host of all gods at Kaaba temple. There was 15 feet high idol of Al-Lah placed at kaaba temple. Al-Lah had three daughters- Al-Ujja, Al-Manat & Al-Lat who were famous goddesses of Arabia. their temples were in vicinity of Macca. Ismaeli found the name Al-Lah a suitable for Yahewa.
  19. Ismaeli-Jew (i.e. Islamic) destroyed idols of Al-Lah and his daughters. They destroyed all temples of goddesses Al-ujja, Al-manat and Al-lat. Some times they allowed prayer of these three goddesses, afterward they called them Satan and build three pillar, started ritual of throwing pebbles on them.
  20. Al-lah and Yehewa are two different gods. Al-lah was god of Quraish Tribe and Yehewa was god of Jewish Tribe. Al-lah was god of Mecca and Yehewa was god of Jerusalem. Al-lah never sent Gabriel-prophets. It is Yehewa who sent Gabriel-prophets. Al-lah never sent any books, it is mozes who wrote books of Torah in name of Yehewa. Hence, the Arabic book i.e. Quran is book of Yehewa,  not of  Al-lah. Muslims pray Al-lah the god of quraish, but follows the order of Yehewa the god of Jew. This duality continued onward.
  21. Mozes was prophet of Issaci-Jew, there was no Prophet for Ishmaeli-Jew. Hence, they declared their own prophet (i.e. Mohammad) for Arab and Arab nation.
  22. Also, they started war against ‘children of Israel’ i.e. issaci-Jew. This fighting is not between Jew and Arab, but between Issaci-Jew (Judaism)  and Ishmaeli-Jew(Islam).
  23. They brought Hebrew Torah, the book of Jew, in Arab language i.e. Quran. [please note that the latest version of Quran was published during the period of khalif Usman(Uthman), this version is different from actual Torah, but included most of ideals of Torah. They placed Quran at all religious places, propagated and all other old versions were destroyed]
  24. At that time, initially, Arab Tribes opposed Islam because it was Judaic faith. But when, Ishmaeli-Jew (Muslims) got sufficient numbers, they looted and killed many Arab tribes, compelled them to adopt this Judaic religion. They also took revenge of Jew (descendent of Issac) persecuted and killed them.
  25. They imposed ideal of Torah on Arab by destroying Kabba temple. Since, most of Arab continued pilgrimage at Kabba, they turned their Qibla from Jerusalem to Kabaa. It was suggestion of Umer (khalif).
  26. They implemented Jewish law halakha in the name of Sharia.
  27. Earlier, they adopted two times prayer, then tree time’s prayer and finally five times as like Jew prayer during Yom Kippur. Jew pray five time on Yom Kippur (see picture)Jew Yom kippur
  28. They started giving Azan which is adapted from Jew practice as Jew used to blow shofar (Horn)  as a call to prayer. To make the practice different from Issaci-Jews, they introduced human voice in place of Horn.
  29. They adopted Shema of Jew (declaration of faith) in Arabic Shahada. Imam used to wear shawl which is traditional practice of Jew. A tallit is a traditional Jewish prayer shawl. It is worn traditionally by men, but in a private setting can be worn by a woman. Jewish women used to wear shawl while praying. Some sect of Jew women wears burqa, it is Jewish tradition.
  30. Arabi-Jew i.e. Muslims adapted burqa as uniform for women. (see picture-Origin of Burqa) Origin
  31. They adapted skull cap as  Jew use to wear. Also adopted Jewish practices such as prohibition of pig meat, circumcision, and fasting etc.
  32. They adapted structure of Mosque in place of Synagogue.
  33. They created Hadis to mold mindset of followers of Islam as per their ideology.
  34. Idea of Hijarat was taken from Exodus.
  35. Prophetism was not Arabic tradition, it was Jewish tradition. Everything of Islam is of Judaism. Only they changed their language from Hebrew to Arabic. Actually, Muslims are Arabic-Jew.
  36. Some sect- such as Shia came from Persian tradition as the Jewish Patriarch Abram was Persian. . Before Islam, Iran, Iraq, Syria were Persian countries, they known as Shia.
  37. To understand Islam, some people read Quran, Hadis (Tradition), Sira (Prophet’s Biography) and Tafsir. But it is vain and fruitless exercise. They will never understand it, even Muslims finds difficulty to understand it, because Islam is not independent religion, it is fully based on Judaism. Hence, before studying Islam, one have to study Judaism.
  38. Today, Arab don’t have Pre-Islamic History. They have Jewish tradition and Jihad history only. Even in Friday sermons, they talk about Jewish tradition and Jihad history, they don’t have their own spiritual knowledge.

4 thoughts on “Truth about Islam

  1. Indeed, Islam is sect of Judaism. But there are vast difference between the culture and attitude of Jews and Muslims. Jews are more superior than Muslims in respect of culture and attitude.

  2. Comments section
    Ajay N
    August 26, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    In Hadis, Ayesha said that she married to prophet when she was 6 years old and he had sex with her when she was 9 year old.
    If you believe Hadis, then prophet is pedophile.
    Your calculation is she was 14 or 20, then, Why had she had not a child?
    As per Hadis, prophet had 9 or 11 or 20 wives, then why had he not had any child from them?
    Actually, Mohammad had only one wife, he had not many wives, but it is question, why moderate or jihadist Muslims denied it? Why they believe false Hadis?
    Biography of Prophet is distorted.
    The Truth is –
    Mohammad was a preacher of monotheism. He adopted monotheism from Judaism as he was impressed by Jew’s prosperity. He brought Hebrew religion in Arabic. He used to pray toward Jerusalem.
    Prophetism is Jewish tradition which was already discontinued by Jew. There was no prophet for Arab and Arab Nation. Mohammad declared himself prophet of Arab and Arab nation.
    He was married to Khadija. She was his only wife. Their marriage lasted 25 years i.e. upto death of Khadija. After six months of Khadija’s demise, Mohammad died.

    Mohammad’s companion Abu-baker, Omer, Ali etc carry forwarded legacy of Arabic Prophet, and gave name Islam to this movement. There were two groups of them- 1) Abu-baker and Omer, 2) Ali.
    They started Jihad for various reasons such as shortage of revenue, to destroy idols etc. Jihad is adopted from Crusades.
    Jew supported them as it was movement against idol-worship, but refused to accept Mohammad as prophet. As soon, they started wars which continue till today.
    They established caliphate, they destroyed Kaaba temple. They changed direction from Jerusalem to Kaaba. Abu-baker kissed the black stone and lied that he had seen prophet kissing it. They destroy idols only, but continued earlier ritual. Perhaps they could not understand prophet’s monotheism.
    They established committee for writing Quran in line of Torah i.e. exodus (hijari), Quran (46:12) also said that earlier it was book of Moses.
    They also wrote various Hadis.
    They created God’s Law-Sharia like Jew’s Halakha.
    While writing Hadis, they had shown Ayesha (Abu-baker’s daughter) and Hamsa (omer’s daughter) wives of Mohammad. This was exercise to established relation with Prophet, so that they are legitimate heir of Prophet, this is due to possible political threat from Ali and its followers i.e. Shias. Quran and Hadis are not about spirituality, it is only about politics and nothing else.

    Mindset of Jihadi
    It is just hate in mind of every Jihadi. They spread hate during Friday sermons. Jihadi always refer Quran’s violent verses for justifying their acts. As like Hadis, Jihadi thought that only terror makes Islam successful. Hence, they justify these verses.
    In a sermon commemorating the Birthday of Muhammad, in 1981, the Ayatollah Khomeini said:
    “Mehrab (Mosque) means the place of war, the place of fighting. Out of the mehrabs, wars should proceed. Just as all the wars of Islam proceeded out of the mehrabs. The prophet had sword to kill people. Our Holy Imams were quite militants. All of them were warriors. They used to wield swords. They used to kill people. We need a Caliph who would chop hands, cut throats, stone people. In the same way that the messenger of Allâh used to chop hands, cut throats, and stone people.” Now, who is defaming Islam? It is Quran, Hadis and Jihadi.
    While praying, every Muslim recite first chapter of Quran (al-fatiha) which has seven sentences.
    The seventh sentence is “ The path of those (i.e. Islam) You have blessed, not of those (i.e. Jew) against whom there is anger, nor of those (i.e. Christian) who are misguided.”
    Islam is established/turned against Jewish Imperialism (Judaism) and Greek Imperialism (Christianity) and become itself Arab Imperialism. Today, Islam is Arab conquest.

    Role of Secular Muslim
    Secularism is not against any faith. It is against religion’s law i.e. Halakha, Church’s law and Sharia.
    Believe that religions including Islam are man-made.
    Islam is both religion (faith) and state (sharia).
    Secular must reject Sharia i.e. no Jihad, no burqa, no kafir etc. and advocate equal right to women, and Human right, freedom of faith to all.
    Secular should rewrite Quran by deleting violent verses. It is not big exercise.
    Secular Muslim should built their own mosque and invite women to pray along with men. Make Islam civilized religion.

  3. Like Christianity , Islam is a fabricated . It is created by the combination of old Arab pagan religion and Judaism. Both are misguided.

  4. @ Kant – in your 4th or 5th paragraph, you wrote this;
    *They started Jihad for various reasons such as shortage of revenue, to destroy idols etc. Jihad is adopted from Crusades.*

    No, ‘jihad’ was not adopted from the ‘crusades’ – reason being (common sense), the ‘Crusades’ were a direct response-to the Islamic aggression/Islamic/jihad attempted take-over of lands/people.
    So, you see; the ‘jihad’ came first – the ‘Crusades’ were a response/reaction, formed to push-back/stop the jihad.
    See this 40 year-long study (archaeological proof):

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