Truth about Christianity

  1. Jesus was Jew, his God was Yehewa (the G-d of Jew). He belonged to sect  Nazarite (aka Nazarene or Nazrani).
  2. Nararite was  sect of Jew. The proper noun “Nazarite” comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”. This vow required the man or woman to:1) Abstain from wine 2) Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head; but to allow the locks of the head’s hair to grow 3) Not to become impure by corpses or graves.  (Read about  Nazarits )
  3. The Nazirite is described as being “holy unto YHWH” (the G-d of Jew) (Numbers 6:8).  This term does not refer to the town of Nazareth–which according to some historians did not exist in the 1st century–but to the Jewish nationalist sect called Nazarites or Zealots.  ( refer )
  4. Jesus was Jewish nationalist, he was revolutionary; he wanted to expel all Roman from Israel. Since he was hard Jew, he wanted to reinstate Israel as a perfect Jewish nation.
  5. As per Jewish concept, the Messiah will come and rule Israel. Messiah means King or High priest, a descendant of King David who will rule Israel during the age of perfection.
  6. Followers of Jesus called him Messiah of Jew. But, as per Jewish tradition, Jesus did not fulfill qualifications of Messiah.  (Read
  7. However, some of Jews joined him and become his followers, they were called messianic believers.
  8. Prophecy is concept of Jew. As per Jew, prophecy can only exist in Israel. Some said Jesus was Prophet (Mathew 21-11). Quran also referred him prophet.
  9. After the Jewish revolt against Rome in 66 CE failed, the Nazarite hierarchy fled from Jerusalem to Edessa (Ancient Greek). Nazarite cult members were consecrated and separated from other Hebrew/Greek-Jews. They believed Jesus and his twin brother Thomas were the co-messiahs of Israel. They set up the cult of Jesus and Thomas to supplant the ancient Greek cult of the Divine Twins Castor and Pollux. Jesus and Thomas thereafter were regarded as deities rather than human messiahs. Thomas was an orthodox Jew belonging to the exclusive Nazarite sect, not a Christian, and carried neither Bible nor cross with him.
  10. Messianic-Believers (later called Christians) split from the Synagogue.  First we must understand that it was a gradual process, with Gentiles forming Churches separate from the synagogue around 100 AD/CE.  Jewish believers remained involved in the Synagogue as late as 200-300 AD/CE.  Also the split was not any one groups fault, but was a split driven by History, Doctrine, and later Anti-semitism.
  11. In Greek, Messiah means Christ. The term “Christ” is the Greek translation of Hebrew “Messiah” which at that time meant “king” or “high priest.” The followers of Christ became Christian i.e. Messianic-believers.
  12. Christians had no Bible in the 1st century and the cross was not made a Christian identity symbol until after the 3rd century (prior to the 3rd century a fish symbol was used).
  13. Jewish residency throughout the Empire helped the Christians in several ways:-
      1. The Greek Scriptures became the Bible of the early Christians
      2. Legality of their religion aided the early Christians since they were seen as Jews
      3. The synagogue system was a ready made model for the early churches
  14. These Christian (originally Jews) missed Shabaat, they accepted Greek-Roman pagan culture, and this was the main reason of separation from Judaism.
  15. They were persecuted up to they were link themselves to Judaism. When they separated from Judaism and accepted local Greek culture, they became popular. They converted their new cult as the religion of Roman/Greek.
  16. Empire Constantine was against Jew. As soon as, this new cult separated from Judaism, he became Christian.
  17. He was one of founder of Christianity, not Jesus. Jesus didn’t know the word Christ/ Christian. He had not established Christianity. He has nothing to do with Christianity. He was totally unknown about Christianity. Christianity is fabricated by Pagan Greeks and its Empire Constantine. Christianity established nearly 250-300 years after Jesus.
  18. Empire Constantine raised Jesus from the position of mortal prophet/messiah to that of immortal God by an ecclesiastical vote of 218 for, 2 against diefication at the Council of Nicea called by Emperor Constantine in 325 CE. The bishops who said nay were from Libya and were soon assassinated. Some of bishops were absent at the council, they were not agree to declare Jesus as God. [This dissent was spread across Syria, Egypt and Arabia which became the seed of Islam and Some of them joined with Ishmaeli-Jews (later known as Islam). And finally, after 300 years,  Islam was established. Quran said Jesus was only prophet, not God.]
  19. Empire Constantine sanctioned the confiscation and destruction of all works that challenged “orthodox” Christian teaching.
  20. Empire Constantine commissioned and financed new editions of the Bible. Old Testament (Torah) is the book of Jew. Constantine wanted new book for Christian. Also the Bishops intent on promoting the Pauline salvation cult in their own interest, were free to revise, edit, and rewrite the Bible in accordance with their own tenets. Pauline cult links every thing with Jesus i.e. he is God or son of God or christ/messiah or savior or prophet, so that Jesus could get acceptability.
  21. The Persian Mithras cult spread during the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C.E. Greek also celebrated birthdays of God Mithras on 25 December. On December 25, the sacrifice of a bull celebrated the Sol invictus (the invincible sun) and signaled the birth of a young sun god who sprang from a rock or a cave in the form of a newborn infant. Pope Liberus introduced Christmas on December 25th 354 C.E..  By the 5th century, the event became so customary.
  22. They started Crusade. Under the leadership of Bishops, the army of Constantine started Crusades. They destroy all temples of ancient Greek. Christian mobs went one by one temple, burn them, vandalized and finally destroyed. {This crusades later accepted by Islam as Jihad. Some says Islam is branch of Christianity}
  23. Today, Christianity is an organisation headed by the Pope (the Chief) and his executives -Bishops (Regional Commanders). Actually, this is movement of Greek-Roman imperialism.

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